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It’s not just a condo – it’s your life!

“It’s not just a condo, it’s your life!”

This past holiday season reminded me again why I love living in a condominium community. Between the “Holiday Decorating” party and all the different Holiday open houses, we got to mingle and socialize with so many of our wonderful neighbors. Some neighbors who did not have family in town organized a Christmas potluck dinner for all those residents who were alone that day and then the following week our Jewish neighbors celebrated in the lobby by lighting their Hanukkah candles together. On New Year’s another group spent New Year’s Eve together in one of our wonderful neighborhood restaurants. What makes it even more special is that this building, as so many of the downtown condo buildings, is demographically a very diverse community and so feels completely inclusive because of it. No matter your age, your religion, your political leanings or your heritage, this community is home to all of us, and we all contribute in our own special way.
I don’t think most people realize that when buying a home in a condominium building, you are really buying into a lifestyle, which then will become your life. I certainly had no idea how much I would enjoy the interactions and social events in our building or how it would shape my life! There are the progressive dinners, the pop-up brunches, dance or yoga classes in the lobby, pool parties in the summer, book club meetings and seemingly endless support for anything you are hoping to achieve, including fitness and health goals. None of this was included in the MLS description when we looked at our condo, and I probably would not have believed it had I seen it!
Every building has its own “personality” of course and so this is not a “blanket” description of what condo life generally looks like. It is, however, an important reminder to consider what kind of community you want to become a part of when looking for your new condominium home.
If you want to know more about some of the “personalities” of Downtown Denver Condo buildings, feel free to contact me directly, and I would be happy to help!